Preliminary programme

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All presentations are scheduled to last 20 minutes, including 5 minutes of questions.

Wednesday Thursday Friday
Nov 2, 2011 Nov 3, 2011 Nov 4, 2011
9:00   Invited speaker
Mark Girolami
Invited speaker
Pierre Baldi
10:00 Session 2
Selection/classification (1)
Session 6
Selection/classification (3)
11:00 Coffee/tea Coffee/tea
11:30 Session 3
Network inference/analysis (1)
Session 7
Network inference/analysis (2)
12:00 Registration open
12:30 Lunch Lunch
13:30 Session 4
Selection/classification (2)
Session 8
Sequence, structure, interactions
15:00 Opening and invited speaker
Yves Moreau
Coffee/tea Coffee/tea
15:30 Session 5
Image analysis (1)
Session 9
Image analysis (2)
16:00 Coffee/tea
16:30 Session 1
Invited speaker
Berend Snel
Invited speaker
Alvis Brazma
17:30 Guided tour through
Delft city centre
18:00 Posters
(with drinks and fingerfood)
19:00 Conference dinner
at "De Prinsenkelder", Delft
(until 22.00)

Session 1: Clustering
A new framework for co-clustering of gene expression data Shuzhong Zhang, Kun Wang, Bilian Chen and Xiuzhen Huang
Biclustering of expression microarray data using affinity propagation Alessandro Farinelli, Matteo Denitto and Manuele Bicego
A two-way Bayesian mixture model for clustering in metagenomics Shruthi Prabhakara and Ray Acharya
CRiSPy-CUDA: computing species richness in 16S rRNA pyrosequencing datasets with CUDA Zejun Zheng, Thuy Diem Nguyen and Bertil Schmidt
Session 2: Biomarker selection and classification (1)
New gene subset selection approaches based on linear separating genes and gene-pairs Amirali Jafarian, Alioune Ngom and Luis Rueda
Identification of biomarkers for prostate cancer prognosis using cluster analysis Xin Chen, Shizhong Xu, Dan Mercola and Zhenyu Jia
Renal cancer cell classification using generative embeddings and information theoretic kernels Manuele Bicego, Aydin Ulas, Peter Schuffler, Umberto Castellani, Vittorio Murino, Andrè Martins, Pedro Aguiar and Mario Figueiredo
Session 3: Network inference and analysis (1)
Integrating protein family sequence similarities with co-expression to find signature gene networks in breast cancer metastasis Sepideh Babaei, Erik van den Akker, Jeroen de Ridder
and Marcel Reinders
Metabolic pathway inference from time series data: a non iterative approach    Laura Astola, Marian Groenenboom, Victoria Gomez Roldan,
Fred Van Eeuwijk, Robert Hall, Arnaud Bovy and Jaap Molenaar
Highlighting metabolic strategies using network topology analysis over strain optimization results José Pedro Pinto, Isabel Rocha and Miguel Rocha
Session 4: Biomarker selection and classification (2)
Wrapper- and ensemble-based feature subset selection methods for biomarker discovery in targeted metabolomics Holger Franken, Andreas Zell and Rainer Lehmann
Ensemble logistic regression for feature selection Roman Zakharov and Pierre Dupont
Gene selection in time-series gene expression data Prem Raj Adhikari, Bimal Babu Upadhyaya, Chen Meng and Jaakko Hollmén
Multi-task drug bioactivity classification with graph labeling ensembles Hongyu Su and Juho Rousu
Session 5: Image analysis (1)
A bilinear interpolation based approach for optimizing hematoxylin & eosin stained microscopical images  Kaya Kuru and Sertan Girgin
Automatic localization of interest points in zebrafish images with tree-based methods Olivier Stern, Raphael Maree, Jessica Aceto, Nathalie Jeanray, Marc Muller, Louis Wehenkel and Pierre Geurts
Session 6: Biomarker selection and classification (3)
A new gene selection method based on random subspace ensemble for microarray cancer classification Giuliano Armano, Camelia Chira and Nima Hatami
A comparison on score spaces for expression microarray data classification Alessandro Perina, Pietro Lovato, Marco Cristani and Manuele Bicego
Flux measurement selection in metabolic networks Wout Megchelenbrink, Martijn Huynen and Elena Marchiori
Session 7: Network inference and analysis (2)
Integration of epigenetic data in Bayesian network modeling of gene regulatory network Jie Zheng, Iti Chaturvedi and Jagath Rajapakse
Lagrangian relaxation applied to sparse global network alignment  Mohammed El-Kebir, Jaap Heringa and Gunnar Klau
Stability of inferring gene regulatory structure with Dynamic Bayesian Networks Jagath Rajapakse and Iti Chaturvedi
Session 8: Sequence, structure and interactions
Estimating the class posterior probabilities in protein secondary structure prediction Yann Guermeur and Fabienne Thomara
Shape matching by localized calculations of quasi-isometric subsets, with applications to the comparison of protein binding patches Frédéric Cazals and Noël Malod-Dognin
Using Kendall-tau meta-bagging to improve protein-protein docking predictions Jérôme Azé, Thomas Bourquard, Sylvie Hamel, Anne Poupon
and David W. Ritchie
PAAA: a progressive iterative alignment algorithm based on anchors  Ahmed Mokaddem and Mourad Elloumi
Session 9: Image analysis (2)
Heat diffusion based dissimilarity analysis for schizophrenia classification    Aydin Ulas, Umberto Castellani, Vittorio Murino, Marcella Bellani, Michele Tansella and Paolo Brambilla
Epithelial area detection in cytokeratin microscopic images using MSER segmentation in anisotropic pyramid Cristian Smochina, Radu Rogojanu, Vasile Manta and Walter Kropatsch
Pattern recognition in high-content cytomics screens for target discovery. Case study in endocytosis and epidermal growth factor receptor down regulation Lu Cao, Kuan Yan, Leah Winkel, Marjo De Grauw
and Fons J. Verbeek